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Bunny Chafowitz is the nom de plume of Denise Chaffee. In her day job, she is a top litigation paralegal for a large multi-state civil law firm. In her free time, she enjoys gardening, taking care of her four "children" (Rick, and the three Papillons), and, of course, bead-weaving. She is the "jewelry person" here on Chafowitz™.

“Jewelry in African and African-American Cultures: A Cultural Legacy”

Jewelry holds a profound significance in both African and African-American cultures, serving as more than just adornment but as a reflection of identity, spirituality, and cultural heritage. Across the vast and diverse continent of Africa, jewelry has been crafted and worn for centuries, with each piece often carrying deep symbolic meanings that vary between ethnic […]

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Summer Solstice: Insights from Celtic Traditions

The summer solstice, known as “Midsummer” or “Litha” in Celtic traditions, held profound significance for the ancient Celtic peoples. This pivotal moment marked the zenith of the sun’s power, the longest day of the year, and the midpoint of the seasonal cycle. Let’s delve into how the Celts celebrated this sacred occasion and the rich

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From Function to Fashion: The Stylish Evolution of Eyeglass Leashes

Eyeglasses have come a long way since their inception in the 13th century. Originally designed purely for function, these vision-enhancing tools have evolved into significant fashion accessories. Let’s journey through the history of accessorizing with eyeglasses and delve into the stylish evolution of eyeglass leashes. In the early days, eyeglasses were rudimentary, hand-held contraptions. By

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Rolling in Time: Paper Bead Making

Paper bead making is an ancient craft that spans cultures and centuries, showcasing human ingenuity in transforming simple materials into beautiful art. This craft’s origins can be traced back to ancient Egypt, where artisans rolled strips of papyrus around thin reeds to create lightweight beads. These beads were then strung together to adorn both people

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Czech Glass Beads

Czech glass beads are renowned worldwide for their exceptional quality and stunning craftsmanship. But what is the story behind these exquisite beads? To truly appreciate Czech glass beads, one must delve into their fascinating history. The tradition of glassmaking in the Czech lands dates back centuries, with the earliest records dating to the 14th century.

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Pink, copper beads; multicolor pink, green, gold seed beads in necklace. Necklace is resting on dark, weathered board.

Necklace Lengths: A Primer

Necklace lengths can vary, and different lengths are suitable for various styles and occasions. Necklace Lengths: A Primer will help inform you on some common necklace lengths along with their descriptions and potential historical significance. Throughout history, necklaces have held cultural and symbolic significance. In ancient times, necklaces were often worn as protective amulets or

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