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Customer Support: Have a question about your order, our products, or shipping? Our dedicated customer support team is ready to assist you. Reach out via email at or fill out the form below.

General Inquiries: For general inquiries, collaborations, or business-related matters, please contact us at We appreciate your interest and will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Don’t miss a beat! Dive into our creative universe for a daily dose of bead-woven brilliance, sublimation wonders, and a touch of laser-engraved elegance. Connect with us on social media and discover the artistry behind our handcrafted jewelry, witty and even personalized sublimation items, and the sheer beauty of laser-engraved slate and other laser-engraved items brought to life.

🔗 Custom Creations: Elevate your style with custom orders tailored just for you. Whether it’s bead-woven jewelry with a personal touch, sublimation items featuring your company logo, or laser-engraved items of slate, wood, or some other material carrying a heartfelt message – we bring your ideas to life.

📿 Facebook: Join us on Facebook for an exclusive peek into the intricate world of bead-woven jewelry. Expect a blend of elegance and craftsmanship that will leave you inspired. Follow us on Facebook.

🎨 Instagram: Immerse yourself in the vibrant hues of our sublimation creations. From mugs to tumblers to cloth items, each piece is a canvas for expression. Follow us on Instagram for a visual journey that transcends ordinary aesthetics. Follow us on Instagram.

We don’t really have a physical store, just our online shop, and we’re working on a blog. The closest we come is doing “market” events. These include farmers’ markets, flea markets, and other similar venues.

💖🌟 The best way to contact us is by using this contact form, or sending an email to one of the email addresses found in the footer of every page on our website.

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