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Día de Muertos Coffee Mug, featuring La Catrina, surrounded by her departed friends.

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This is a custom-made coffee mug feature La Catrina of Día de Muertos fame. It’s perfect for this time of year. But because there are no words with it, you can enjoy this mug any time of the year!

La Catrina’s presence throughout Mexico’s Day of the Dead mythology makes a much deeper statement of mortality, destiny and the societal divisions of class.

But La Catrina was not the first of her kind, even from her part of the world. That honor goes to Mictēcacihuātl – the queen of the Aztec underworld of Chicunamictlan. It was believed that she watched over the dead as they began their journey through the nine layers of the depths of Chicunamictlan.

But the Mesoamericans from whom these beliefs descended did not see death as a bad thing. It was part of the cycle of life. And, as part of the celebration, they would build makeshift altars, on which they placed ofrendas, or offerings, for the dead, to help them along their path.

In that same spirit, I offer this mug to you — of course, you have to make an offering of money to me in return — we both win! You get a beautiful Día de Muertos mug, with which to make an ofrenda of café to your friends, and I get some moolah to buy myself a snack.

Or something like that.


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three muertos mugs showing each area of mug (individually sold)Día de Muertos Coffee Mug

Availability: 3 in stock

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