Einstein Dark Matter Coffee Mug



Einstein Dark Matter, which holds the universe together, is coffee!

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Most of our universe is hidden in plain sight. Though we can’t see or touch it, most astronomers say the majority of the cosmos consists of dark matter and dark energy. But what is this mysterious, invisible stuff that surrounds us? And what’s the difference between dark energy and dark matter? In short, dark matter slows down the expansion of the universe, while dark energy speeds it up.

Dark matter works like an attractive force — a kind of cosmic cement that holds our universe together. This is because dark matter does interact with gravity, but it doesn’t reflect, absorb or emit light. Meanwhile, dark energy is a repulsive force — a sort of anti-gravity — that drives the universe’s ever-accelerating expansion.

With this second in the Chafowitz™ Einstein-themed coffee mug, you’ll be able to keep your universe in complete balance: drinking the dark matter will give you dark energy for the ever-accelerating expansion of your day’s activities! Who knew that it was this mug that holds the dark matter which holds the universe together!

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Einstein Dark Matter Coffee Mug

Availability: 3 in stock

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