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This is part of a series of mugs we’re doing based on Albert Einstein. These mugs feature AI Art generated by the Chafowitz™ team. In addition, the font for the saying is made to look like Einstein’s own handwriting to add to the illusion that these are Einstein’s “coffee” sayings.

This particular mug is a play on Einstein’s famous theory of special relativity espresso-ing the fact that mass and energy are the same physical entity and can be changed into each other.

Despite the label, you’re not limited. This mug will be great for coffee. But if the mass of coffee is too much for you, or you prefer to get your energy from hot chocolate, or any other liquid — the mug itself is agnostic. It has you covered even if you decide to fill it with queso, and use it for dipping breadsticks!



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closeup of one side of E=MC2 coffee mugEinstein E=MC2 Mug
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